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Charles Heath, President
Rollercoaster Stocks, LLC
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My Job Is To Find Dirt Cheap Stocks That Make You Money

You've found the "Best Known - Most Trusted" cheap stocks investing site for do-it-yourself homebased stock traders.

Our simple and highly effective stock trading methods and strategies produce superior investing profits. As such, word-of-mouth advertising by our loyal members has made us the most sought out investment site for cheap stocks on the Internet today.

Trading cheap stocks that cost under $5.00 per share from home is the last untamed frontier where regular people can financially make up for long lost time and missed opportunities.

While there is no such thing as "zero-risk" when it comes to trading cheap stocks, it is possible to achieve a very low level of risk by simply finding stocks that are fundamentally sound.
And that's what we do.
The stocks we find also have the potential for fast growth so our members can reap some very substantial trading profits within a reasonable amount of time.

Trade And Invest In Quality Cheap Penny Stocks From Home

For just pennies a day you can begin trading cheap stocks. It is great for the do-it yourself investor because cheap penny stocks with low share prices allow you to control thousands of shares with just a little bit of money. You don't have to be a big shot with a lot of money to get started.

Yes, It's Easy To Get Started Trading Cheap Stocks

Simply join us today and we will pick, analyze, and suggest high quality penny stocks for you. We do all the heavy work. All you need to do is open your own trading account at a discount broker to buy and sell your own shares. So Join Us Now ..
Brand new stock picks go up on the 1st and the 15th after the market close !

You Can Read Our Basic Trading Manual For Free.

Most of our new members are experienced, but for those who aren't, the online trading manual will help get you off to a flying start. I've previously sold & distributed over 30,000 copyrighted "Cheap Stock Addict" trading manuals before taking it out of print circulation back in 1994.

It was obvious to me that many of my new members, who were also new to penny stocks investing, needed some help. Therefore, the book is now online as a self-help document. Everyone can read it for free ( the link is at the bottom of this page ).

So, How Will Joining The Cheap Stock Addict Benefit You ?

1st. You'll get the ultimate in fairness, speed, simplicity, convenience and yes, real results, worldwide. All printed and mailed out stock pick newsletters are obsolete and unfair due to different zip code delivery times. We don't have that problem. All of our members have access to our picks online 24/7. Just go to the member area , enter your passwords, and get your new picks.

2. Our strategies are successful and we keep things simple. You get "straight-to-the-point" condensed commentary on each pick, a buy-in range, recommended hold time, and a target price.

3. We limit your downside risk while fully maximizing your upside profit. You'll experience the peace of mind that comes from using sensible and realistic trading strategies.

4. You get fairness, speed, simplicity, convenience, and 24 hour a day around the clock access to the web-site member area and your stock picks.

5. And again .. All new members get online access to the "Cheap Stock Addict" Trading Manual.
Yes, It's still 100 % Free!

Copy what I've done and you'll have a high probability of making successful trades with cheap stocks.

Charles Heath, President
Rollercoaster Stocks, LLC

The Cheap Stock Addict

Quality Cheap Stocks Since 1998 .. And We're Here To Stay !
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